About the workshop

This second ANTIPODE workshop aims at being an occasion to gather together international experts and young researchers in the theory of partial actions and representations as well as in related topics such as inverse semigroups, groupoids, Hecke algebras.

Partial (co)representations arose in the 90s in the form of partial group actions within the theory of operator algebras, as an approach to C*-algebras generated by partial isometries. In fact, they have been introduced by Exel as a tool to describe certain C*-algebras as a generalized type of semi-direct product.

Soon, the study of partial actions and representations became an independent topic of interest in algebra and ring theory and nowadays partial actions and partial representations of groups (and more generally of Hopf algebras) are studied from a pure algebraic point of view.

This workshop will provide a forum to discuss and to learn about the most recent developments in this theory.


The full list of speakers will be released closer to the event.

Main speakers


If you would like to find the presentation of your talk on this website, please contact Paolo Saracco.

List of participants

R. Aziz
M. Fiore
(University of Cambridge)
M. Lanini
(Roma Tor Vergata)
J. Berger
A. Grau
(University of York)
J. Öinert
(Blekinge Institute of Technology)
S. Caenepeel
P. Großkopf
Ü. Reimaa
(University of Tartu)
F. Chouraqui
(University of Haifa)
X. Han
(Queen Mary University of London)
P. Saracco
R. Corveleyn
W. Hautekiet
J. Vercruysse
M. D'Adderio
(ULB & Universitá di Pisa)
G. Janssens
(VUB & Université Paris Cité)
A. D'Andrea
(Roma La Sapienza)
G. Kudryavtseva
(Ljubljana University)


Monday 12/09 Tuesday 13/09
10:00 - 11:00 Alessandro D'Andrea Ganna Kudryavtseva
11:00 - 11:25 coffee break coffee break
11:25 - 11:55 Marcelo Fiore Ülo Reimaa
12:00 - 12:30 Xiao Han Fabienne Chouraqui
12:30 - 14:00 lunch lunch
14:00 - 15:00 Martina Lanini Johan Öinert
15:00 - 15:25 coffee break coffee break
15:25 - 15:55 Paul Großkopf Geoffrey Janssens
16:00 - 16:30 William Hautekiet


People interested in participating may register by filling in the form below. The deadline is September 11, 2022. Registration is free but mandatory.
We are able to offer the lunches to participants who registered before September 5, 2022.

Registration form

Warning: We do not have any agreement with travel agencies or hotels to reserve accommodation or flights for participants. If we have to contact you, we will do this via our email addresses. Please, if you are contacted by anybody offering help in reserving accommodation or travels, contact us before answering.


The workshop will take place at:
ULB - Campus de la Plaine
Batiment NO - 5th floor
Salle Solvay

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Where to stay in Bruxelles

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  • Michele D'Adderio (ULB)
  • Paolo Saracco (ULB)
  • Joost Vercruysse (ULB)
  • Sponsors